Social Studies

UHSA SOCSTUDIES TrexTchClassAt the “U,” the Social Studies department is focused on molding resourceful and innovative students who are receptive to the numerous opportunities and skills the social sciences can bestow upon them as they become responsible and engaged citizens. Our students have unique research opportunities with our partnership with the University of Michigan-Dearborn to hone academic inquiries into the various fields of study with emphasis on primary source documents and the creation of research-driven papers.

Central to our social studies curriculum, in conjunction with our school vision, is to build four capabilities in our young people:

  1. Disciplinary knowledge across the historical and geographical spectrum with an emphasis on academic curiosity with a global outlook.
  2. Critical thinking skills and synthesis of cross-discipline content.
  3. Utilization of technology and differentiated instruction in and out of the classroom.
  4. A commitment to democratic values, and citizen participation with an emphasis on community involvement and personal integrity.

portraitMatthew Stetz
Social Studies Teacher
Department Chairperson



PortraitDaniel Deegan
Social Studies Teacher



Daniel Minadeo
Social Studies Teacher




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Social Studies Teacher



PortraitMary Anne Van Ermen
Social Studies Teacher UMSA



Social Studies Course Descriptions