Request for Proposals (RFPs)

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Bid Threshold

The Michigan School Code requires that for purchases of supplies, materials and equipment over $28,048 for 2022-2023, competitive bids must be obtained.


Current Bids and Quotes

BP#01 Morris Adler Elementary Exterior
Upgrades & Secure Entry Fall/Spring Renovations

RFP 2023-03 - Before and After Care Services

RFP 2023-01 - Owners Representative/ Program Manager Services


Past Bids and Quotes

RFP 2023-02 - Food Service Equipment

RFP 2022-07 - Birney K-8 Roof Replacement and Restoration

RFP 2022-05 - Temporary Personnel Services

RFP 2022-04 - Stevenson Marquee

RFP 2022-03 - Facilities, Maintenance and Custodial Services (Closed)

RFP 2022-02 - Third Party Employment and Payroll Services

RFP 2022-01 - Owners Representative/ Program Manager Services - Cancelled 2/17/2022

RFP Number 2021-010 - Video Production Specialist Services

Bid Advertisement-District wide temperature controls

RFP-OT/PT Services Due 5-26-2021

RFP-Security Officer Due 5-10-2021

RFP-Custodial Services Due 4-29-2021

RFP-Trash and Recycle Due 4-19-2021

RFP-Southfield Public Schools High School ITC Facility Project #2021006 Due 4-9-2021

RFP-Security Services  Due 5-28-2020 

RFP-Landscaping and Snow and Ice Removal Due 3-23-2020 

SHS Speaker Clock System RFP Due 5-14-19

RFP Cost Reimbursable Contract Food Serivice Due 4-18-19

Custodial and General Maintenance Bid Due 4-12-19

Custodial and General Maintenance Bid Tab Results