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19301 Twelve Mile Road
Lathrup Village, MI 48076

All Email addresses are the format: Many teachers use document handling websites/apps, so they may not have one listed here. Programs such as Google Classroom, Evernote, and Edmodo are used very commonly. 

 First  Last   Department  Notes  Website
 Selina  Abraham  School Counselor  (248) 746-7255
 2020, UfC
 Counselor Site
 Julie  Bergasse  Art  Art, Anime, Fashion Clubs  
 William  Carey  Science  Green Club  
 Daniel  Deegan  Social Studies  Football, Young Entrepreneurs  Teacher Site
 Fatima  Dixon  Science  NSBE  
 Sherri  Eidt  UMSA Science    
 Holly  Eovaldi  English Language 
 Anita  Hobson  Science  Cooking Club   
 Dawn  Hodges  B Wing Office    
 Jackson  Johnson  Instrumental Music    
 Jonita  Jones  School Counselor    
 Lorri  Lewis  English Language Arts  Dept Chair  
 Shirley   Lewis  Main Office  Counseling, etc  
 Erica  Lott  Science  Dept Chair K-Pop, Nat/Bea U Hair Club  
 Torrie  Maas  English Language Arts
 Testing Coordinator
 Testing  Teacher Site 
 Russell  Maciag  Mathematics  Debate, We Accept U  
 Natasha  McKenzie  English Language Arts    Teacher Site 
 Kyle  Melton  World Languages  NHS, MACHO,
 Spanish Club
 Teacher Site
 Katherine  Michalsen  Main Office  2021  
 Daniel  Minadeo  Social Studies      
 Beth  Navas


 5k Run  
 Erika  Nelson  World Languages  Spanish Club  
 Camille  Orse-Simpson  UMSA ELA    
 Harry  Patton  Assistant Dean(Principal)  (248) 746-7240
 Jazz Combo, AV
  Admin Site
 Ruth  Peek  English Language Arts    
 Adam  Perry  UMSA Math    
 Christine  Petrou  Mathematics  Green Club  
 Angela  Pope  Dance    
 Martin  Sanford  Mathematics  Dept Chair
 UHSA Web, UfC
  Video Site
 Melisa  Shellenbarger-Kolling  World Languages  Spanish Club  
 Deborah  Slevin  School Counselor  (248) 746-7256
 Counselor Site
 Matthew  Stetz  Social Studies  Photography Club   
 Mark  Trexler  Social Studies  Dept Chair
 Chess and Film Clubs
 Teacher Site
 MaryAnne  VanErmen  UMSA Social Studies   Teacher Site
 Michael  Whiton  Mathematics    
 Marcia  Williams  Dean (Principal)  2019  


All Email addresses are the format: