Instructional Infrastructure

The Instructional Support Network builds the capacity of district administrators to provide leadership in making connections between planning for instruction and planning for professional development. It is these connections that provide the foundation for continuous school improvement. 

Instructional Support Network

Pamela English, Chief Academic Officer
248-746-8546 /

Sommer Caldwell-Carruthers, Director of Curriculum, Technology, and Assessment
248-746-4350 /

Alise Collier-Vaughn, Supervisor of District Programs and Special Projects
248-746-4338 /

Paula Lightsey, Supervisor of Academic Advisement
248-746-8565 /

Erin Hughes, ELL Supervisor
248-746-7633 or 248-746-7469 /

Yvonne Taylor, Math & Science Curriculum Supervisor

Jessica Hines, English Language Arts & Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor
248-746-4314 /

Aaron Marshall, Student Support Network Coordinator
248-746-7608 /

Hallie Snyder, Director of Career Focused Education
248-746-4330 /