Tuition Release

Participation in Schools of Choice programs is elective and voluntary. Some school districts have elected not to participate in the Oakland County Schools of Choice program and students without an applicable exception must receive a tuition waiver from their district of residence in order to be allowed to enroll in these districts. The law does not require resident districts to approve tuition waiver requests and it has been the position of the Southfield Board of Education not to grant tuition releases.

However, the Southfield Board of Education does not wish to interrupt the completion of high school programs of those students who are currently enrolled in a high school in another district. Therefore, on August 26, 2017 the Board decided that approval of tuition waivers for students entering the 12th grade will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  This decision does not apply to requests made on behalf of students entering grades Pre-K through 11.

The Southfield Public Schools’ instructional programs are rigorous and competitive not only with local contiguous districts, but also with districts nationwide.  Residents are encouraged to consider the exceptional benefits offered by Southfield Public Schools.