The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund is federal legislation that awards grants to local school districts to address the impact that COVID-19 has – and continues to have – on local school districts. These funds are one-time funds only.  ESSER-funded programs, initiatives, and services will become a part of the district’s budget once the funding period ends.


Please find the 2020-2021 LEA Plan of Use for ARP (American Rescue Plan) ESSER III funds HERE:


Community and Staff Survey

In December 2021, Southfield Public Schools surveyed staff, parents, and the community regarding the use of the ESSER funds, rating from Very Important to Not Important.  The district received 408 responses to the survey.  The results are graphed below:

This graph represents the number of respondents from each of the surveyed areas:

community and staff survey

ESSER III Plan of Use

There were 6 target areas that the respondents were asked to rate using the following question: “When determining how to best enrich learning and increase learning opportunities for SPS students, how important is it to invest in the following”…

The major components within each targeted area are listed on the x-axis, i.e, Online Curriculum, Instructional Materials, etc. The number of respondents is represented on the y-axis.

Southfield Public School’s Plan of Use

In total, Southfield Public Schools has received $14.1 million in one-time ESSER III funds through a formula established by the State of Michigan. Based on stakeholder feedback, the plan was submitted through the Michigan Electronic Grants application and approved by the State.

Below are some of the highlights of the plan:

Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Supplies, materials, and classroom manipulatives to support in-person and virtual instruction
  • Software subscriptions and learning management systems for extended learning opportunities
  • Summer School to support extended learning opportunities for students
  • K-12 virtual extended learning programs for General Education, English Language Learners, and Special Needs students
  • Benchmark Assessment support
  • Targeted strategies for students needing or wanting additional support through credit recovery
  • Onsite and off-site academic field trips to expand learning opportunities

Instructional Technology

  • Classroom technology to assist teachers in incorporating technology in instruction, including smart boards, laptops, and Chromebooks

Support Services:

  • Hiring 4 Academic Engagement and Social Emotional Learning Officers to support the development of safe, caring, and supportive environments
  • Mindfulness series for students to gain skills in navigating emotions and thoughts
  • Restorative practice circles training
  • Integrating Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom
  • Inner Explorer for daily mindfulness practice


  • Upgrades to HVAC systems to provide increased air filtration
  • Upgrades to the district’s video surveillance and PA equipment


  • Professional Development for school staff to deliver research-based academic and behavioral interventions
  • Math Coaches and Reading Specialists to support math instruction and the Read by 3 initiative
  • Specialized instructional coaches to support special needs instructors


  • Sanitizing and disinfectant supplies and materials for classroom cleaning and disinfecting



ESSER III funding period is through September 30, 2024.