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Spectators will not be allowed at the winter sporting events to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. You can join us virtually for a front-row seat at the season home games. Please follow the step below:

The following sport will not return for Winter 2020:

  • Wrestling

All participants (student and coaches) must wear face coverings at all times – during all practices and non-game activities, and during games. Anyone refusing to wear a mask during practice or competition will not be allowed to play/participate. No required COVID-19 testing procedures will be used. 

If any competing school district opts not to wear a mask, Southfield Public Schools Athletic Department will not play that opponent.

Complying with all guidance published by MHSAA, the Southfield Public Schools winter sports program follows the guidelines outlined below.  

  • All coaches and students will be screened daily for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 before participating, including a temperature check and sanitizing hands before entering the area for practice and games. This check will take place onsite.
  • The first row of bleachers will be accessible for students to place their belongings.
  • All participants are required to bring their own water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared. Hydration stations (water fountains, etc.) will not be used.
  • Students will arrive to the venue dressed for practice and/or competition. Students will not be allowed to use the locker rooms, but lavatories will be made available for use. 
  • All equipment will be sanitized before use and cleaned intermittently during practices.
  • Participants will be instructed to go directly home to shower and to wash and sanitize their workout gear.
  • Seating at the table for the game officials, who include the announcer, bookkeeper and timekeeper, will be socially distanced at six feet.
  • Hand sanitizer, extra face masks and disinfectant wipes will be readily available for use.

Game times and dates are subject to change, so please check the athletics calendar regularly.

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