Dr. Jennifer Green
Phone: (248) 746-8777
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Chief of Staff

James V. Jackson
Chief of Staff
Phone: (248) 746-0045
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Pamela English
Chief Academic Officer
Phone: (248) 746-8500 
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Marc I.

Marc Ingram
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (248) 746-8549
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Executive Director of Intense Student Support

Dr. Lanissa L. Freeman
Executive Director of Intense Student Support
Phone: (248) 746-7656
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Director of Tech

Sommer Caldwell-Carruthers
Director of Curriculum, Technology & Assessment
Phone: 248-746-4350
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Alexandra Cash
Director of Communications
Phone: (248) 746-8540
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Felicia Venable

Felicia Wright
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (248) 746-8582
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April Rogers
Director of State and Federal Programs
Phone: (248) 746-8557
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