Counseling Office

PortraitWelcome to the UHSA Counseling Center. It's a place designed with you, the students and parents, in mind. The Counseling Center is full of information, resources and vibrant ideas, and you will have access to all of them.  

The USHA Counseling Center's goal is to:

  • Assist in the emotional and educational development of each student
  • Provide a variety of resources and interventions that will prepare for their careers and long-term goals
  • Help students strive for a balance in personal integrity and academic curiosity

Remember, we are here to serve you. So please, stop by!


Counseling Downloads


Selina Abraham
School Counselor
Grades 9-12: A-Johnson
UHSA Counseling Website    




Jonita Jones
School Counselor (UMSA)
Grades 6-8
UHSA Counseling Website



Deborah Slevin
School Counselor
Grades 9-12: Jones-Z
UHSA Counseling Website


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