Dress Code

Southfield Public Schools Dress Code Guidelines

Southfield Public Schools is dedicated to preparing each student for college and career readiness. Student dress should promote a positive learning environment, encourage community and family ties, and support healthy and safe behavior.

A Southfield Public School District student will not dress in a manner that negatively impacts the learning process or educational setting. Students may not dress in a manner that is obscene, offensive, provocative, distractive, or indecent as these detract from the learning environment. This includes, but is not limited to, students wearing clothing that positively supports and depicts messages of violence, drugs, sexual themes, hate, vulgarity, and criminal behaviors. Students are expected to adhere to the following appearance guidelines while on school property and during school-related events:

  • Clothing must be worn in a tasteful manner. Shirts, blouses, and tops should fully cover backs, torsos, and cleavage on all students (males, females and gender non-conformists), without any indecent exposure, including undergarments and associated undergarment straps or bands. No low cut tops allowed or bare midriffs (all students). Accordingly, pants that “sag” to expose underwear, torn or ripped pants, or shirts that rise up to expose skin are prohibited.
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts should be worn appropriately. Pants, trousers, and bottoms should fully cover undergarments, without any indecent exposure including underwear linings and underwear bands. Skirts should fully cover the entire thigh. If leggings/yoga pants are worn, shirts or skirts should cover the buttocks.
  • If students decide to wear clothing or accessories with messaging, the messages must be positive, and not include hateful, offensive, violent or explicit language, images, or words. Students should not wear items of clothing which have obscene, vulgar or sexual statements or pictures/images which promote alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.
  • Students are not to wear pajamas or loungewear, sheer garments and or tight form-fitting clothing. Clothing with excessive tears or otherwise in disrepair should not be worn.
  • School appropriate footwear must be worn on school premises at all times (no flip flops, house shoes or athletic slides).
  • Hooded sweatshirts are allowed, but hoods may not be worn indoors. Hats and coats are to be stored in the student’s locker during the school day. No bandanas, do-rags or gang-affiliated attire are permitted.

Southfield Public Schools recognizes that each student’s choice of dress and grooming is an expression of personal style and individual preference. Southfield Public Schools will not interfere with a student’s decision regarding their appearance, except when the choices interfere with the learning environment or school safety.

Students with three or more dress code violations will be subject to short-term suspension.