English Language Arts

teacher and studentsThe mission of the UM&HSA English Department is to promote literacy and create opportunities for students to express themselves and think critically, while balancing the academic rigor needed for students to apply their literary experiences beyond UM&HSA to become confident and strong global citizens.

The following are course offerings in 6-12 grades:

  • 6-8 English Language Arts
  • Pre-AP English 1 (9th grade)
  • 10 - 12 English Composition and Literature
  • Advanced Placement Capstone Program:  AP Seminar and AP Research
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

Our expectation is that students’ experiences in the English classroom at The U will result in above average performance on ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams due to both the quality and efficacy of our English curriculum

Lorri LewisPortrait
Department Chairperson
English Language Arts Teacher
AP Reader



PortraitNatasha McKenzie
English Language Arts Teacher




PortraitCamille Orse-Simpson
English Language Arts Teacher UMSA





Ms Tomlinson PortraitCheryl Tomlinson
English Language Arts Teacher





Natasha Wilson
English Language Arts Teacher





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