At Southfield Public Schools, we prepare our students for a lifelong love of learning. With instruction by master-level and world-class teachers who are experts in their field, we cultivate a high quality, student-centered learning experience preparing innovative learners for a global society.    

Points of Pride

  • Nationally accredited HeadStart program featuring acclaimed HighScope curriculum.
  • International Baccalaureate Programme for K-12 students (Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma).
  • Award-winning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs starting in sixth grade.
  • The graduating class of 2015 earned $23.7 million in scholarships and grants to prestigious colleges and universities across the county.
  • 91% of our teachers hold a Master’s Degree or higher.
  • Dual enrollment program lets students earn college credits with all costs covered by the district.
  • Nationally award-winning high school music and journalism programs.
  • No pay to play athletics.
  • ELL (English Language Learners) program at Vandenberg where students and staff speak 32 languages from 27 countries.
  • $3.5 million technology upgrades district-wide.
  • An examination school that has been named on Newsweek’s 2013, 2014 and 2015 list of “Best Schools in America.”
  • Advanced Placement experiences for K-8 students.
  • Four SPS students have been honored as Gates Millennium Scholars in the last six years. 
  • Comprehensive “High School Redesign” in 2013 featuring gender separated core classes, 8th-grade high school programs and enhanced mentoring counseling programs.
  • Award-winning professional development; differentiated instruction is national model for ASCD.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Southfield Public Schools is to cultivate a continuously improving, collaborative, safe, supportive and high-quality, student-centered learning experience in order to prepare dynamic, innovative learners who realize their maximum potential in a global society.

Vision Statement

Set High Expectations for Students
We believe our students can and will be successful. We respect all of our students. We set high expectations for student achievement and conduct.

Embrace Differences Among Students
We welcome and challenge all students, regardless of socio-economic level, racial, religious, ethnic or cultural background. We believe every child should feel welcomed, accepted and challenged.

Provide Support to Students
We will identify, remedy and provide any required early intervention for students in need of additional support or direction.

Hold Common District-Wide Standards and Practices
We endorse common district-wide standards and practices for Southfield Public Schools that promote equity and uniform processes in all our schools.

Value Parents as Partners
We recognize our parents as valued partners and customers. By working in partnership with parents, we can promote student growth and achievement.

Develop a Positive Perception
We will tell the story of Southfield Public Schools and will communicate our plans and vision for the district to all stakeholders. We believe this practice will promote a positive perception of our district.

Ensure Fiscal Accountability
We expect prudent and equitable use of available resources. Procedures and practices will be established to ensure fiscal accountability and responsibility.

Uphold High Expectations for Staff
We acknowledge the professionalism of our staff and entrust them to espouse and implement our vision.

Maintain High Expectations for the Board of Education
We, the Board of Education of Southfield Public Schools, in order to advance the vision of equity, excellence and high expectation, will promote these tenets through our policies and practices.


Enable students to successfully interact in a global environment through innovative use of state-of-the-art technology.

Improve student achievement through innovative and effective instructional delivery.

Cultivate optimum learning experiences in a positive environment of engaged learning for all students.

Facilitate and strengthen partnerships with parents, guardians, businesses, post-secondary institutions of higher learning and community organizations.

Accomplish the above goals in a fiscally responsible manner.