English as a Second Language Learners

Welcome to Southfield Public Schools ESL Department,

Our ESL students speak 29 languages and represent 27 countries. At Southfield Public Schools, our educators provide high-quality English Language instruction and high academic rigor. Southfield Public Schools services ESL students from Pre-K to 12th grade. 

We offer ESL programs and services to ESL students of varying language levels. Students range from beginning to advanced English speaking. We offer sheltered bilingual ESL instruction throughout the District with Newcomer centers at the following locations.

  • Vandenberg World Cultures Elementary Academy service our Newcomer and ESL elementary-age students.
  • Thompson K-8 International Academy provides ESL instruction and academic rigor for our ESL 6th-8th grade students. 
  • Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology High School serves our ESL students in sheltered and mainstream classes for 9th-12th grade ESL students.

Southfield public schools offer in-person and online after-school tutoring for ESL students throughout the school year at three main ESL and Newcomer centers. Tutoring provides academic and English language enrichment to ESL students of all levels. 

Our ESL Department Teachers and Staff provide a safe and inclusive environment for all ESL students from all backgrounds. We commit ourselves to our ESL students' and families' academic and social-emotional well-being.

ESL Parent advisory committee meets on the last Thursday of each month. It is family-friendly, and children are welcome. Please take this opportunity to check out books and academic activities to support literacy and learning in your home.   

Our ESL services use the following methods to provide our students with concentrated English acquisition and academic support. We focus on ESL classes for 6-12th grade students, Sheltered core academic classes for 6th-12th grade students, and ESL push-in and pull-out small group and one-on-one services for ESL K-12  students for English Language instruction. Bilingual and native language support is offered for ESL students. Academic monitoring of ESL and Former English Language students throughout the school year. 

Our ESL/Bilingual Teachers and staff are highly certified with many years of academic and teaching experience. We are trained in SEL and trauma-informed support for ESL students. We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for all students to learn. 

Our goals include providing high-quality academic instruction and ESL acquisition for all Southfield Public School ESL Students to help them excel in school, our community, and adulthood. You are welcome here!