Southfield Public Schools Capital Facilities Bond

Southfield Public Schools Capital Facilities Bond 

On November 8, 2022, Southfield and Lathrup Village voters approved a $345 million Capital Facilities Bond to improve the educational environment for all students.

1. Righting-sizing the school district to match current student enrollment;
2. Transitioning from neighborhood schools to Educational Pathways;
3. Expanding Southfield High School A & T by reconfiguring the instructional area to support the educational program and expanding Fine Arts and Performing Arts learning opportunities. In addition reconfiguring/reconstructing University K-12 Academy to support the educational program;
4. Expanding gifted and talented program opportunities throughout the school district; and,
5. Expanding community use of school facilities.

District Project List

Please find a downloadable PDF of the project list here.

Capital Bond Facilities Bond Proposal - Key Areas

1. To right-size the school district to match current student enrollment

  • Nineteen school sites are currently owned and maintained by Southfield Public Schools.Since 2011, four school site (MacArthur ECC--formerly Bussey, Schoenhals, Leonhard, and Eisenhower elementary schools and Brace-Lederle Middle School) have closed but continue to be maintained by the school district.
  • Maintaining vacant facilities takes dollars away from investing in the education of students. In the coming years, four additional school sites will be closed to right-size the school district.
  • Vandenberg Elementary, Southfield Regional Academic Center (This site will be used as a transition site for students throughout the construction phase of the bond proposal) Magnolia Center

2. To transition from neighborhood schools to Educational Pathways

  • Establishing Educational Pathways offers students the ability to take classes at are geared to their specific career interests.

  • Elementary students will continue to receive a strong foundation in all core areas of study and begin exploration of career opportunities.
  • Middle and high school students will benefit from educational programming that focuses on classes geared to their interest in a specific career field.

3. To expand Southfield High School A & T programming and facility

  • This facility was built in 1962 and was last updated over 20 years ago.

  • Students will be provided with a learning environment that supports their educational program. A portion of the facility will be demolished, and other areas will be renovated and expanded. By reconfiguring the instructional area, updating equipment and resources, and expanding the Fine Arts and Performing Arts programs.
  • Renovations to the auditorium will be completed. Including making the auditorium ADA compliant.
  • Improvements will be made to the classrooms, restrooms, and pool area, as well as renovating the old gym into a band/choir/dance studio.

4. To expand gifted and talented program opportunities throughout the school district

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM ) opportunities will be available at all grade levels.
  • Gifted and talented offerings will be aligned with Career Pathway programming.
  • Through corporate business partnerships, high school students will have the opportunity to participate in internships and mentoring programs. This will give students real-world experience in their career areas of interest.

5. To expand community use of school facilities

  • McIntyre Elementary School, located on the University-K12 Academy campus, will be repurposed into a facility to support the educational program and for community use.
  • Community members will have access to meeting rooms, gym areas, and specialized program offerings based on community interests.

For more information please continue to this link: /downloads/administration/brochure_for_bond.pdf

Homeowner Cost Calculation

The $345 million Capital Facilities Bond Proposal will require a 3.26 mill increase. The cost to the average Southfield homeowner will be approximately .89 cents per day.

To calculate your exact cost, go to