Southfield Public School District understands test-taking is a complex and challenging process where many students, including high-achieving students, struggle. What is most important is how students perform over time. Test data is used to inform instruction and highlight student needs. 

Testing measures continue to become increasingly challenging and decrease in performance may not reflect performance regression, but the increasing complexity of a specific test.

Standardized test scores provide a snapshot of student content competency levels at a specific time, and they are important, as are letter grades. However, educational trends are shifting, and standardized test results are just a part of a student's overall portfolio.     

Southfield Public Schools is committed to working with and elevating the excellence and capability of the whole child. The district continues to refine its instructional infrastructure, intense student support network and talent management systems to create holistic opportunities for students to be college and career ready.

Southfield Public Schools will use a variety of assessments this year, such as i-Ready (K-8), PSAT & SAT (8-12), Running Records for reading, Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP), locally designed assessments, and M-STEP to guide core-instruction. SPS teachers use the data from these assessments to develop productive instructional plans, design small learning groups, and identify areas of student strength and opportunity for support.  We have also added some helpful parent tips, videos and family guidance documents below to assist parents in preparing their children for assessments at home.  Thank you for your support of our learners as well as our educators.  

Assessment Calendar

i-Ready Family Guidance Document

i-ready Personalized Instruction Family Guidance link

FAQ about i-Ready domain

i-Ready Understanding Student data for families

i-Ready Fridge Tips

i-Ready at home data tracker

M-Step Guide to Parent Reporting link

M-Step and Mi-Access tips and ideas document

PSAT and SAT  Tips and ideas document

What Parents should know about assessments document 

What Parents Can Do to help students prepare document

Education Assessment Document

The Michigan Department of Education, Division of Accountability Services provides a new service called the Michigan Linked Educational Assessment Reporting Network (MiLearn). This innovative project is legislatively funded and delivers state assessment data to students, parents, and educators in a more timely and dynamic manner. 

Here’s how it works. Once a parent, student, or educator has logged into MiSTAR, click analysis, and look for the State Assessment Data button. Once you click it, you will be granted access to the state assessment reports available to you based on your role (parent, student, or educator) and the assessment results available (2017, 2018, and/or 2019). 

Bringing state assessment data to parents, students and educators in an electronic format and through MiSTAR is a major enhancement in getting assessment data out quicker and more efficiently.