UHSA SCIENCE 200811_DetNewsLabWilliamsIn the science department, we are committed to promoting scientific inquiry through a wide variety of learning experiences. Our goal is to develop, in our students, the desire to become perpetual learners with the ability to think critically and explore in both traditional and non-traditional ways. These skills will prove to be invaluable in this 21st century technological age where both career opportunities as well as the pathways that students will forge in selecting those careers are constantly evolving and in some cases have yet to be established. We encourage academic curiosity, for it fuels the flames of intellectual growth.

The sequence of study in science here at the “U” is Biology, Chemistry then, the option of Physics or AP Biology. Future course offerings include AP Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology. We expect our students to perform well on the MME, ACT, and college entrance exams. With that in mind, we develop our courses so that they include a unique balance of rigor and relevance in an effort to help students identify cross-curricular relationships with content.

PortraitErica Lott
Science Teacher
Department Chairperson
Pre-AP National Faculty



Ms Barrett PortraitStacey Barrett
Science Teacher






William Carey
Science Teacher




PortraitFatima Dixon
Science Teacher



PortraitSherri Eidt
Science Teacher UMSA




Science Course Descriptions