Candice (5)Literacy Coach

Candice Jeziorowski

I am the Literacy Coach here at Vandenberg World Cultures Academy. I first started teaching in the district in October of 1997. I have a Masters in Reading and am a certified Reading Recovery teacher. I meet with students daily here at Vandenberg during Guided Reading. I also have the opportunity to meet with students for one-on-one reading support sessions. Please remember to read daily with and to your children. Reading is such a gift to every child. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need any assistance with your child's reading or have any concerns.

Dana (1)Resource Room

Dana Lewis  

Welcome to Vandenberg World Cultures Academy Resource Classroom. We are focused on providing support to students and teachers. Throughout the year students participate in a variety of activities that help to cultivate social, emotional and academic skills. We believe in providing a positive, supportive learning environment where all children achieve their maximum potential.

I am also a full time certified Reading Recovery Teacher. Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention of one-to-one tutoring for low-achieving first graders.

Speech and Language

Ms. Bradley and Ms. Wallace



Dr. Evans 

Social Work 

Ms. Murray