Points of Pride

Vandenberg has many extra-curricular activities and clubs to go along with our daily points. 

Afterschool we offer the following clubs: vocal music, science, art, sports, math, student council, Advanced Placement, and Battle of the Books to name a few.

Points of Pride:

*Diverse Learning Community

*Pet Therapy

*Positive Behavior Program

*After School Tutorial Program

*Cultural Enrichment Activities

*Support ServicesSpeech Pathologist, Social Worker and Psychologist

*Character Education

*ELL Teachers and Paraprofessionals

*Title One Teacher

*Differentiated instruction in every grade

* Multi-tier System of Support (MTSS)

*Blended Learning

*Art, Music and Physical Education

*Intense Student Support Teachers

*Field trips to museums, theaters etc.

*Community Service Projects

*iPads and Chromebooks used daily Smartboard, projector, and Apple TV in every classroom

*Extra-Curricular After School Activities

*Active, Supportive PTA

*Community Partners

*Parent Support Meetings

*Before and After School Care-Champions