Music Teacher: Ms. LeBaron

Hi, my name is Emily LeBaron. I have a Vocal Music Education degree (BMEV) from Eastern Michigan University. I have been teaching since 2002 and have been a Southfield music teacher since 2003. I believe music offers something to everyone and is an effective communication tool when teaching across languages and un-named emotions.


Fun stuff in the music room:

  • Sing and Play

  • Dance and Move

  • Create, Listen, and Evaluate

  • Play Instruments

  • Read and notate music

  • Perform

  • Explore the relationships between music and other arts, cultures,and subjects

In addition to wonderful technology like the ELMO and SMART board we have oh so many instruments. For instance, we have...

  • Keyboards 
  • A set of Tone Chimes
  • Many drums, including some from the Middle East, South America, and Africa
  • Many Orff instruments (xylophones and other mallet instruments)
  • Several textbook series
  • Large variety of percussion instruments
  • Soprano and alto recorders
  • Boom Wackers (new!!)

In the Music Room