Art Teacher: Ms. Wolf

From the time I was a little girl I wanted to be an art teacher. I studied art education at Wayne State University.

Currently, I am working on perfecting my cross-curricular education for the art room. I link each art lesson to subjects taught in the student’s core curriculum.  I taught art in Detroit for ten years before staying home to raise my 3 children. I have a Masters in special education, learning disabilities and a bachelor of science in education with a major in art and minor in English.  I have never been happier than I am now.  I love teaching my children at Vandenberg World Cultures Academy.




My goal for Vandenberg children is to make each one feel like a successful artist.

I provide learning opportunities for students to improve their artistic skills and strengthen techniques. Each lesson relates to prior knowledge and incorporates many different core curriculum subjects.  The students are introduced to the easiest way to look at and create art.

Take a tour through Vandenberg's Art Museum and see the creativity! 



Art Museum