Becker (1)Mr. Becker

I have been teaching in Southfield for twelve years. I have been teaching at Vandenberg World Cultures Academy for eight years. I have a wife of four years and a son of sixteen years. Currently, I am a third grade teacher and I love what I do.


Candice LambLamb (2)

I'm one of the 3rd grade teachers this year at Vandenberg World Cultures Academy! I've been teaching at Vandenberg for 11 years now. I love teaching children and enjoy seeing students succeed. I have a BA from Western University and a Masters through Marygrove College. I'm currently finding new and exciting ways to integrate technology into our classroom.

I love to sing and play guitar. I enjoy integrating music into our classroom. It's an enjoyable way to learn!

My favorite subjects are Math and Science. I just love atmospheric science, which is the science of weather.

I have a wonderful family. My husband owns a music store "Southland Music Center" and also teaches guitar and bass lessons. We have three awesome children Christian, Sophia and Victoria. Christian is 5, Sophia is 2 1/2 and Victoria is 1. We have two more in our family as well, Larry and Maestro our cats.

Mrs. Makim

Learning Comes Alive!

Vandenberg World Cultural Academy third graders learn by doing. Project based learning allows our students to be engaged, collaborative, and facilitators of knowledge.


Instead of writing sentences...

Our third graders write poetry, fairy tales, folk tales, personal narratives, fables.

Instead of reading about history...

Our third graders recreate history.

Instead of looking out the window...

Our third graders travel on at least three a field trips a year!