Welcome to Fourth Grade!

The fourth grade team is a very collaborative team. We consistently plan, reflect on, and implement instruction to meet all learners’ needs. It is the mission of the team to plan instruction so that all fourth grade students are guaranteed to receive the same content at the same pace, but geared to meet individual student needs. In addition, the team shares in creating and presenting grade level projects such as quarterly book report projects, the Wax Museum, regions projects, and legends projects.

Some things that can be seen in each of the fourth grade classrooms are collaborative learning groups, literature circles, guided reading groups, peer conferencing, scientific exploration, implementation of technology, and the encouragement of higher level thinking.

Our field trips help to support the curriculum. Fourth grade students have visited such places as the Ford Rouge Plant, the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, and Cranbrook Institute of Science.

It is the philosophy of the fourth grade teachers to have an open door policy to both parents and other teachers. We approach teaching and learning as one collective group working for the common good of all the children.

Temperatures of water affects how salt dissolves in H2O.   In Science, variables can change experiment.