Credit: Ron Clark Academy https://rcahousesystem.com/reveur/

Staff Head of House: Jennifer Gwilt

Student Head of House: Kamryn

Rêveur is a royal House whose name in French means “dreamers” or “idealists” — because the members who fill this group are students filled with freedom and wild abandon who recognize their dreams and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving them. This can be seen in the unicorn, which is on the center of the House’s crest, a powerful creature who is almost impossible to tame. Similarly, the House of Rêveur is a House of passion.

Rêveur is the natural rival of Altruismo, because in the early days of the House Championships, Altruismo beat Rêveur by a single point, and they held a winning streak over them for three years. In 2011-2012 school year, the wheel did not sort very many students into Rêveur, and so it became the smallest of the four Houses. But the staff House Leader, Ron Clark, rallied the students together and told them: “This year, because our House is smaller, we each have to be bigger. We each have to multiply ourselves this year!” And that was the year that Rêveur, despite being the smallest House, went on to win its first championship. This legend is now passed down to remind students that the size of the House is not as important as the size of the hearts and efforts of its members.

House of: Dreamers
Language:  French
Heritage: France
Symbolic Animal:  The Wolf
First Staff Head of House: Jennifer Gwilt
First Student House Leader: Kamryn