Credit: Ron Clark Academy https://rcahousesystem.com/amistad/

Staff Head of House: Mary Wynn

Student Head of House: Sophie

Amistad is the House that originates from Mexico. A group of kind but powerful individuals that are known most for their unconquered spirit. This is why, in the language of their ancestry, their name means “friendship.”

Incoming members are often a mix of extremes — our students can be extremely intelligent, creative, friendly, and competitive; Amistad is a very diverse group! Although it took the House 8 years to win its first house championship, the fierce spirit of the House never wavered. The House takes great inspiration from its symbolic animal, the immortal peacock, and the leaders always remind the members that the fighting spirit of an Amistadian never dies. Members of our House are consistently challenged to self-reflect because we believe that “Once the peacock finds its feathers, it discovers who it really is.” Therefore, the encouragement is for each student to find their own feathers and step into their greatness. While some students may enter the House lacking confidence, they will learn to embrace their authentic selves and master the gifts, talents, and virtues of an Amistadian. Once this milestone occurs, a student may earn the highest honor of the House, knighthood. As a knight, they are fierce warriors, protectors of the realm, and guardians of the kingdom’s most valuable treasure, friendship.

House of: Friendship
Language:  Spanish
Heritage: Mexico
Symbolic Animal:  The Immortal Peacock
First Staff Head of House: Mary Wynn
First Student House Leader: Sophie