About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Glenn Levey Middle School is for all students to successfully learn at the best of their ability in an environment conducive to social, intellectual, and personal development.

"The BEST of Both Worlds" 

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics                                                  
Levey STEM students are enrolled in advanced math classes culminating with Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. Each grade level also features a STEM elective class featuring the exploration of engineering careers, designing and making motorized cars, learning aerodynamics while making and flying gliders, and investigating local problems and designing solutions utilizing engineering. 8th grade students present the results of their investigation and solutions to an audience.

Visual & Performing Arts
7th and 8th grade Levey students in the ARTS curriculum are enrolled in a double block of ART, Vocal Music or Instrumental Music. Art students must participate in at least one outside of school art display and in all in-school art displays, including workshops for other students and parents. Vocal Music and Instrumental Music students must perform in at least one out of school performance and all in school performances. All Arts students must also write reflective essays detailing progress.