Levey Amazing Shake

The Amazing Shake

Where Leadership begins...

At Levey Middle School we want to teach our students manners, discipline, respect and how to conduct themselves in a professional environment. The Amazing Shake was created by the Ron Clark Academy and is an opportunity to test our students on these skills through a fun and memorable experience and enables us to engage with local business leaders on behalf of the school. The competition also introduces the students to the networks, roles, opportunities and career paths that they may not have been exposed to before.

During the Amazing Shake, the students learn and develop professional skills:

  • Giving a proper handshake
  • Professional conversation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Handling unfamiliar situations
  • Poise under pressure

to prepare them exceptionally well for opportunities today and in the future.


Initial Round 1 - The Gauntlet

Our students will compete in The Gauntlet round which features 20 unique stations with different "real life" scenarios. Students are judged by community and business leaders on qualities such as charisma, poise, confidence, presentation skills, eye contact and of course handshake.

Initial Round 2 - Work the Room

Our students will compete in the Work the Room round where they will enter as a group of 20 and make their rounds to meet as many of the 15 judges as they can in 15 minutes.  Students will be scored on their ability to enter and exit a conversation, introduce themselves, carry on a conversation and of course the handshake.

Initial Round 3 - Circle of Doom

Our students will compete in the Circle of Doom round where students will be part of a partner interview with one judge for a short time and then rotate to to the next judge until they have been interviewed by all 10 judges.  Students will be scored on their ability to answer the question, stay composed, share the talking space with their partner, charisma and introduction/hand shake.

All initial round scores will be tallied to reveal the final rounds competitors.


Amazing Shake ... What to expect as a judge:

  • The Amazing Shake places an emphasis on teaching our students leadership, discipline, manners, respect, professional conduct, handling unfamiliar situations and creativity.
  • Initial Round 1 - The Gauntlet: Judges will be assigned to one of 20 stations. You give the instructions for the scenario to each student and will record their score on their scorecard. Scenarios will range from simple conversations or question to a variety of role-playing situations. Time commitment is 4-5 hours.
  • Initial Round 2 - Work the Room: Judges in this round will "network" with participants. You will score students based on interactions, inserting themselves into conversations, their personable skills, etc. Time commitment is 4-5 hours.
  • Initial Round 3 - Circle of Doom: Judges will interview 2 students at a time for 2 minutes and score their interactions with each student. Each group of students will have 10 student rotations.

Please email Jennifer Gwilt at jennifer.gwilt@southfieldk12.org for more information or to register as a volunteer, judge or sponsor by filling out the INTEREST FORM.



Are you interested in sponsoring the Levey Amazing Shake 2024?

If you are interested in sponsoring the Levey Amazing Shake, please visit our sponsorship page. Amazing Shake Sponsorship

Ron Clark Academy's Global Amazing Shake

The Future begins now!

Each year The Ron Clark Academy hosts the Global Amazing Shake! Students from all over the world travel to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in an epic 3 day event.  While there, students interact and network with other students, attend professional training sessions and compete in The Amazing Shake event. This can be a life changing opportunity for our students. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our Levey Amazing Shake finalists to participate in The Global Amazing Shake or have additional questions, please email Jennifer Gwilt at jennifer.gwilt@southfieldk12.org or fill out the Amazing Shake Interest Form.


Thank You!!

The Levey Amazing Shake is made possible thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!
Additional thanks to the businesses and organizations that supported our First Annual Amazing Shake.
Robert Half
Ron Clark Academy
Notre Dame Middle School