Levey House System

4 Houses, 1 Family



The purpose of the house system is to create an environment where students feel connected and safe in more places than just their classroom. Our goal is to foster authentic relationships between students and teachers in all grade levels. We want students to feel like they are part of a team; therefore creating a place where students choose to come.


  • Generate a feeling of belonging among students and staff
  • Increase student achievement: academically, socially and emotionally
  • Increase intrinsic motivation
  • Increase student and family engagement
  • Develop student efficacy in leadership
  • Develop house culture through unique traditions 

4 Houses

Each house represents a value that we want our students to display; we call these the Tiger Values. The houses have a name, color, symbol, and fable. House crests have been designed to reflect these elements. The names come from languages reflective of our student body’s ethnic heritage. 

Click on crest below for more House information.


House Sorting

All students and staff will belong to a house. Sorting will be left up to fate. Houses are for life. We believe that whatever house one gets is the house they are meant to have. 


House Sorting for New Students

At the beginning of the year new students will be sorted using a sorting process at a whole school sorting assembly. 

After a new student enrolls, they will be sorted into a house.

They will be sorted during the next weekly House Meeting after they have started attending Levey. 


House Sorting for Teachers, Cafeteria and Support Staff

New faculty members will be sorted with a balloon pop after their first week of work at Levey. 


House Cup Champion

All members will work to earn points for their house. At the end of the school year the house with the most points will be awarded the House Cup and named House Champion. The winning house will be honored by the entire student body wearing the color of the winning house. They will also go to celebrate at a house party.