Ms. Rachael Walker - Art Teacher. Art is like any other course. Students are expected to be attentive, follow instructions and put forth best efforts. All assignments are done in class. Most assignments have a two week period for make-ups. Rachael

6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

Students in 6th grade art will experience a variety of mediums and will learn art vocabulary through writing, art history and creative expression opportunities. Mediums will consist of many of the following: Graphite, painting, pastels, sculpture, 3D, ceramics, animation.

Grading is bases on three elements:

a) Daily journal assignments

b) Production (art products)

c) Art History assignments

Students will be given daily journal entries that include drawing, writing, creative thought, deductive reasoning and will be recorded in a spiral notebook that they can keep as their record of learning and as a reference for future art classes.