Science Club

Science Club meets afterschool on Wednesdays for 8 meetings each session. There is a session for the younger, K-2, scientists and one for the older, 3-5, scientists. Both sessions get to predict, observe, and explain fun experiments and activities. Mrs. Miller is the scientist in charge and is also the Science teacher for all 4th and 5th graders. 

Two larger projects the science club is working on include two outdoor, hands on, learning experiences. The older scientists are learning about nature and creating a path once more in the forest that is part of Vandenberg so that one day all the classes can use the nature trail with helpful labels on items of interest (also made by the science club).

They are also the group in charge of the school garden. They start the seedlings indoors, move them out when the weather clears, and come back once more in the fall to harvest and share the bounty with the parents of the school. 

Science Club in Action