Choir: Ms. LeBaron

Vandenberg offers two afterschool choirs each year. Students will learn a selection of songs from several countries, in several languages, and from several periods of time. They will learn solfeggio and basic music/rhythm reading (theory) and, if time and interest permits, some composition skills. 

The first session is open to 1-5 grade and normally has 50+ members. This group performs at the Winter Sing-A-Long, a during the day event, the day before winter break. They lead the songs as well as perform several by themselves or in smaller groups. In addition to the singing they also act out several small skits to tie the songs together. This years theme was December Lights. 

The second session is by invitation and is normally only open to 3-5 graders and is only 30ish people. It seeks students who are cheerful, and work well in groups. This choir normally sings at the district United We Stand concert and represents Vandenberg well.