PTA Membership


Some of the wonderful things we have done:

  • Sponsored Annual Back to School Picnic
  • Purchased iPads and other Technology Equipment
  • Purchased (2) new microwaves for lunchroom
  • Senior Class Donation
  • Purchased  school signage for outside
  • Purchased planners for students
  • Sponsored Gift Cards for Wendy’s Night Fundraiser

Member Participation Drawing!!


The UHSA /UPREP PTSA mobilizes the efforts of school, home and our local community to assist our UHSA/UPREP staff and students in their pursuit of a quality education and a nurturing academic and social environment              

PTA Membership

Attracting new members and retaining existing members are among the most important duties of PTA. A strong membership enables PTA to be a force in decisions involving the welfare and education of children. Active leadership helps to create strong programs in your school community and a strong commitment among your members.

PTA Membership Benefits

Whether you're buying school supplies for the kids or renting a car for your next family vacation, PTA members can save money on everyday purchases thanks to National PTA's Member Benefits Provider Program.**

National PTA teams up with businesses committed to supporting PTA’s mission of serving all children by offering our members special discounts, fundraising opportunities and other unique deals.

PTA Membership Form