PTA Fundraisers

Some of the wonderful things we have done:

  • Sponsored Annual Back to School Picnic
  • Purchased iPads and other Technology Equipment
  • Purchased (2) new microwaves for lunchroom
  • Senior Class Donation
  • Purchased  school signage for outside
  • Purchased planners for students
  • Sponsored Gift Cards for Wendy’s Night Fundraiser

UHSA/UPrep Ongoing Fundraiser

UHSA/UPREP Shop-with-Scrip ID CODE:  LC64CDF238418


When schools experience budget shortfalls, they must find creative fundraisers to make ends meet. School principals tend to marshal all their resources to help fund the schools, often calling upon the PTA to develop fundraising ideas. This resource can assist PTAs in presenting unique school fundraising ideas as well as strategies for running effective fundraisers.

For the novice—and even for the experienced PTA member—fundraising can be a complicated enterprise. To get through this sometimes-difficult terrain, PTAs and school administrators need guidance they can trust. Whether you’re looking for tips on choosing a vendor, garnering corporate support, or managing the fundraising proceeds, National PTA provides you with expert advice on how to conduct effective fundraisers.