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Kennedy Learning Center provides quality educational experiences for special needs students in an environment conducive to learning. Our program hinges upon dynamic collaboration between key constituents such as caregivers, parents, students, teachers and social workers. Each student has an individualized program that is comprehensive and functional while addressing their future needs in the home, school and community.

KLC ~ Severely Cognitively Impaired (SCI)
In our severely cognitively impaired program, students learn the fundamentals of independent living. A full kitchen allows them to learn how to function independently with appliances, and a washer and dryer is provided to learn clothes washing and folding. Adaptive music and art projects round out the day and are held by our teachers who work with our students for potential eligibility in our next step program.

Next Step Program 
In our Next Step program, students advance through a series of tiers with the objective of reaching independence.  Our first tier is Tier 3, where students learn fundamental skills that will assist them in being successful in the workforce and with social interaction. They then advance to Tier 2, where they acquire more advanced skills specific to occupational partnership we have with the community. 


Kennedy Learning Center 21-22 Welcome Back Celebration