a message from our principal La Perrier, S


Dear Parents and Community Members,


We have worked diligently within Southfield Public Schools to re-examine our security measures, to make sure our children have a safe environment in which to learn.  To that end, please adhere to the following procedures, to help maintain safety for your child and all of our children:

  1. The front door is open only for the morning arrival of students, from 7:50-8:15 am.
  2. Parents of latchkey students have received notification of the procedures for early morning drop off, and after hour pick up.  The only door that should be used by all parents during school hours is the main front door.
  3. After 8:15 am, parents must sign in with the main office upon entry.  If parents or family members try to walk past the office, the office staff has been instructed to page them over the PA to please return to the office.
  4. Parents will not be allowed to walk down to any classroom during instructional time, (8:15-3:00) unless prior arrangements were made.  If you want to walk your child to class in the morning, it must be before 8:10 am.
  5. Parents who want to “peek in” to the classroom must have the Principal’s approval, and it will only be admissible upon prior arrangement with the teacher.  Parents will first sign in and receive a visitor’s sticker.
  6. Teachers are directed, if anyone is in the halls anywhere in the school without a visitor’s sticker, to ask that person to return and sign in at the main office.
  7. I have asked all staff to notify me if a parent refuses to comply, or becomes belligerent with any staff.

We must all understand that these measures have been put into place to keep our children safe.

Thank you to our concerned parents, as we all have to look out for all of our children!

Please note that if your child arrives at 8:10 am or later, he or she will be marked tardy, and has already started the day missing some morning work and instruction. Students can arrive as early as 7:50 am for Mornings in Motion on the track with teachers, or have breakfast!