Our Adler Family

We wanted to find a way to make you smile and let you know we are always thinking of you! We love and miss you dearly! Please enjoy our video message: OUR ADLER FAMILY

      SPS Hot Topic Q&A

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                         Helpful Quick Links

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                   Adler's Learning Schedule

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                      Adler's Parent Orientation Slide Show

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                                          MiStar Support

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                                 Getting Ready for iReady

                                                                                   Parent Letter

                                                                         Powerpoint Presentation



Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Barnette

Ms. Morrison

Ms. Towns

First Grade Teachers

Ms. Jordan

Mrs. Lockridge

Ms. Molner

Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Hittie

Mrs. Jennings


Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Huff

Ms. Johnson

Mrs. Thomas

Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Fredericks

Mr. Haugen

Ms. James


Fifth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Babridge

Mrs. Seremet


Support Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Jones  (ASD Classroom)

Mrs. Jackson  (Grade K - 3 ELA and Math)

Ms. Alston  (Grades 4 & 5 ELA and Math)

Mrs. Avery and Mr. Wilson  (Grades K-3 ELA and Math)

Special Class Teachers

Mrs. Barker  - Physical Education (Gym)

Ms. Butler   - Art (Visual)

Mrs. Busch   - Music


Ms. Williams  - Adler's Social Worker

Social Emotional Learning

Ms. Williams Helpful Tips

Parenting Moments

COVID-19 Resources

Michigan Resource Guide

Fun Activities