2013.McKenzie.ClassIn the English department, at University High School Academy, we take pride in better preparing our students for the 21st century. As educators, we promote literacy. We attempt to ensure that our students sit in English classes that are stimulating. They have an opportunity to express themselves through activities that embrace students’ voice; they are given the opportunity to think critically in order to become “literate thinkers” as suggested by literacy research scholar Judith Langer. We make every attempt to balance the academic rigor that is needed for college between opportunities for students to apply their outside literacy experiences with academic learning. Indeed, this will further allow them to become confident and strong. 

There are course offerings in ninth-twelfth grade English, Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and Advanced Placement English Literature. The students have been excited about participating in literature circles, Socratic seminars and writing workshop. They have created digital stories, digital comics, wikis and blogs. They have participated in discussion forums, Poetry Out Loud and various creative writing contests. Our expectation is that our students will do well on the ACT, MME and college entrance exams due to both the quality and efficacy of our English curriculum.

As we plan for our students to become more mindful about their academic possibilities and of their citizenry, we are confident that our students will be empowered and motivated to excel. 

English Language Arts Department Teacher Photo

Lorri Lewis
English Language Arts Teacher
Department Chairperson


Holly Eovaldi
English Language Arts Teacher


Torrie Maas
English Language Arts Teacher
Testing Coordinator
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Natasha McKenzie
English Language Arts Teacher
Ms. McKenzie Website

Natasha McKenzie 2014

Erika Nelson
English/Spanish Teacher

2014 Nelson

Camille Orse-Simpson
English Language Arts Teacher UMSA

Ruth Peek
English Language Arts Teacher


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