1st Grade
8th graders mentor 1st graders
Birney students during mock election
Birney students during mock election
st Grade Celebrity Reader for January 2017 - Dr. Caesar Mickens and his 1st Grade granddaughters, Tarryn and Mariya.
100th Day - Mrs. Lutes Class
Mrs. Lutes Class
college bound board
Ms. Cardinal's Science Class
Student in Art Class
Mrs. Land's ELA Class
Student Art Mrs. Watters Class
Mrs. Kreisler's Class 8th Grade
Mrs. Gray's 5th Grade

Birney K-8 School

Mission Statement

Birney K-8 School is a caring community school with qualified, dedicated, caring professionals educating young people in a diverse setting for self-development, learning and success. Each student will be a life-long learner and a responsible citizen in a global community.

Vision Statement

Birney K-8 School is committed to providing Excellence in Education for all students. The school will design programs and learning experiences that promote academic achievement and the personal and social growth of every student. As a richly diverse community of learners that values all its members, Birney K-8 School will assume a central role in the community by linking parents, local agencies and businesses to the school.

Birney K-8 School will provide a safe and productive learning environment in which students can communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems and are technologically literate through a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Through a challenging course of study with high standards, students will become responsible learners who can work collaboratively, and be accountable for their own academic and developmental progress.

Birney K-8 students will become lifelong learners who will be educated to make valuable contributions to society. Through the collaboration of school, home and community, every Birney K-8 student will be well prepared for the demands of the 21st century.


image for student bullying hotline
Bullying Hot Line Please call(248)-746-8806 if you know of any bullying situation at Birney. This is for Kindergarten through 8th grade. Thank you.
Michigan First Credit Union logo
Michigan First Credit Union We have a Michigan First Credit Union branch right here at school. Students can open their own accounts. Prizes are given for new members.
image of smiley face
Referrals With a Smile Program The staff catches the students doing great things and writes a positive Referral with a Smile. There are grade level and individual winners who win special prizes. We are so proud of the students as they are doing great things at BK8!