Transportation Department

Operated by Durham School Services: Ed Gallagher, General Manager

For transportation questions or concerns, please call (248) 352-8748


Transportation Policies & Procedures

School bus pickups will begin approximately 30 minutes prior to the time students are to report. Students will receive notice of the time and location of their bus pickup shortly before the school year begins.

By Board of Education policy, elementary and middle school students who live more than a mile and high school students who live more than a mile and a half from school are eligible for transportation.

Contact Information

Durham School Services
Phone: 248-352-8748
Fax: 248-746-7748

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Southfield Public Schools
Dennis Gregory, Manager of Operations 
Phone: 248-746-8524
Fax: 248-746-7731  

Transporting students safely and in a timely manner each day.

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