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Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders, Today


Our Mission:  UHSA and UPrep in partnership with students, family and staff capitalize on and nurture the potential of each student through a rigorous and differentiated college preparatory curriculum seeking to cultivate a diverse community of innovative and collaborative leaders.

Our Vision:  Fostering a model community of life-long learners and leaders to transform the world.

 WilliamsThank you for visiting the website of a model high school, University High School Academy (UHSA), and our educational program for eighth grade students, University High School Preparatory Academy (UPREP).  I hope you find our website informative and user-friendly, as we want you to learn more about all that UHSA (grades 9-12) and UPREP (grade 8) have to offer your son/daughter.  From an exemplary and innovative STEAM2 (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) curriculum to a plethora of school sponsored clubs and organizations, UHSA and UPREP have a means of engaging our students as active members of the learning community.
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U Need to See Us!!

2012 Graduate Earns White Coat

As Suashi enters Med School in accelerated program in Missouri, she is "White Coated." (2nd from right.)

2015 Passing of the Mace

The Mace has been passed from 2015 to 2016. Long live the Senior Class!

2015 Signed for Football Scholarships

UHSA Seniors signed to play for Ohio University and Lake Erie College. Congratulations!!

2015 UHSA Graduation

UHSA Grads "Ushered" out by the 2016s.

Congratulations to UPrep's Promoted!!

Mrs. Elliott Retires

After 20 years with SPS, with the last 7 with UHSA, we will miss you Mrs. Elliott!

NSBE Bridge Magazine Renewable Energy Poster Contest!

UPrep student wins poster contest. They will win $100 and their poster will be in the winter 2014 magazine.

Shellenbarger: Serra Teacher of the Month

Ms. Shellenbarger brings honor to UHSA as Serra Chevrolet's Teacher of the Month. Go Shelly!! More...

U Prep is in New York!!

May 2014--The Eighth graders went to New York to see the sights. (Sites?)

UHSA 2015 Fine Arts Showcase

UHSA hosted it's Annual Fine Arts Showcase. Follow the link to a video of select parts of the evening. More...

UHSA 52nd in Michigan

UHSA ranked 52nd in the state adn 1484th in the country according to US News and World Reports. More...

UHSA 97th Percentile in Michigan!!

UHSA ranked at the 97th percentile in MI which is tied for the best High School in Oakland County. Represent! More...

UHSA Art Club at Brace-Lederle

Face painting!

UHSA Congratulates New Wade McCree Scholars!

UHSA Honored at Annual Founder's Day Dinner

David LeClerc and Jean Yuen.

UHSA in the News

As the district switches over to "E-Books," UHSA Student is quoted. UHSA has been using some E-Books for a while. Follow the link. More...

UHSA in the TOP 25 Schools in the Midwest--The Daily Beast!

UHSA was again ranked as one of the top High Schools in the US. (Number 19 in the Midwest.) More...

UHSA in Top 12 of Southeast MIchigan

Some of the top high schools in Michigan are right here in the metro Detroit and Ann Arbor regions. Find out which local high schools made the list of the best schools in Michigan, according to state rankings. More...

UHSA Prom 2015

Follow the link for the Slide Show Video More...

UHSA Robotics at OCCRA

UHSA Senior Athlete Signs...

...with University of Toledo for Basketball.

UHSA Visits Sinai Grace Hospital

Looking at "parts" in the morgue.

UHSA went to Madrid and Paris Spring 2014

UHSA Wins on First Debate Outing!!

One student brings home a Novice First Place in our first outing in Debate.

UHSA/UPrep Award-Winning NSBE Team!!

UHSA NSBE Featured in the June 5 SPS Message. More...

UPrep Cheer Team!!

2013-2014 UPrep Cheer Team. Go UPrep!!

UPREP Team placed first in Math Counts.

The UPREP Team placed first in Math Counts at NSBE Conference.

News for U

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The Scoop--November

The Scoop HERE!!

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Nov 2, 2015

UHSA is Returning to Spain

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