Student Support/Guidance

Counseling Center

Hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Phone: 248-746-8611
Fax: 248-746-4316


If you need to speak with your counselor, we encourage you to call ahead for an appointment. We make every effort to accommodate walk-ins, but cannot guarantee service without an appointment. Counselors have meetings, in-services and classroom obligations that frequently take us out of our offices. To ensure that a counselor will be available for you, PLEASE CALL AHEAD.

Counseling Staff

Danielle Green - Students with the last name (A - CL)
Julea Ward - Students with the last name (CO - GRA)
Erica Webb - Students with the last name (GRE - KI)
Carol Johnson - Students with the last name (KL - N)
Dr. Lorise Grey - Students with the last name (O -STI)
Eric Johnson - Students with the last name (STO -Z) 


To see your counselor you need to have your I.D. card and a pass. If your counselor is unavailable, you may leave a message for us to contact you during the school day.

For RECORDS please call 248-746-8611.


If a student is absent from school for an extended period of time (5 days or longer), the parent must contact the counseling center secretary (248-746-8636) to request homework assignments from the student's teachers. It is expected that all assignments will be ready from the teachers within 3 days.

**If absent for less than 5 day, the student must request make-up work from his/her teacher upon their return, provided the absence is an excused absence.

**The student is allowed 2 days to make up work for 1 or 2 day absences, and 6 days for 3 to 5 day absences. For absences 6 days or longer, special arrangements must be made with the teacher.