Social Studies

Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences to prepare young people to become responsible citizens.

Social Studies is an area of study that includes far more than traditional history courses. This field of study offers all students an opportunity to prepare for active citizenship, career opportunities, and higher education. The heritage of American is studied from many perspectives. Literacy in history, economic, geography, world studies, and Leadership can be achieved through all classes. 

Social Studies classes support the development of critical thinking and reading skills, oral and writing communication skills, research skills, and technology skills needed for like the the modern world. All formative and summative assessments grant students an effective and descriptive feedback for improvement and measurement. The Social Studies Department infuses the Common Core Standards and Literacy in History (Reading and Writing) into all of our curricular programs. 

If you have any questions about our Social Studies curriculum at Southfield Regional please contact Mrs. Tiffany Johnson ( or 248-746-0013 ext. 6047.

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Course Offerings
American History 1 & 2
African American History
World History and Geograhy 1 & 2
U.S. History
Leadership Training