Paper Recycling Program

paper recycling

McIntyre Elementary School has a paper recycling program!

McIntyre Elementary has teamed up with the Abitibi Company in order to initiate a community-wide paper recycling program.

Apart from the obvious benefits of raising our students' awareness of the need to recycle and conserve our planet's natural resources, this program will potentially pay our school (once a set weight limit is reached) for the paper products we are able to recover.

A clearly-marked, green collection bin is conveniently located in our school's parking lot for family and community drop-off.

Recycling Starts With You

Recycling begins when someone uses paper - whether it is a newspaper, magazine, grocery bag or a single sheet of office paper.

Recycling Bin - People take their paper to recycling bins, called Paper Retrievers. For the paper to be processed efficiently, it must be clean, dry, and free of foreign objects such as plastic, twine, metal or glass. These requirements ensure efficiency and quality of the next steps.

This is a paper only recycling campaign; plastic, metal and glass are not acceptable. Please make sure all paper is clean and dry.

Acceptable Paper Products Include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and Catalogs
  • Office and Copy Paper (staples do not need to be removed; shredded paper is also acceptable)
  • Junkmail (envelopes with plastic windows are acceptable)

Do not Include:

  • Cardboard of any kind
  • Phonebooks

Get a recycling program going at home, work, church or the office. Help your children appreciate the positive impact that they can have on our environment by developing life-long recycling habits. The added benefit is that the more paper we are able to collect, the more funds we raise for our school's improvement.

If you have any specific questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our school office, or go to the Abitibi website at:

Thank You For Your Support!

NOTE: Abitibi-Consolidated Recycling Division is nationally recognized for promoting strong environmental stewardship while supporting educational and other non-profit organizations through its Paper RetrieverTM program. Through their combined efforts to divert paper from the waste stream, Abitibi and its Paper Retriever partners save an estimated 2.2 million cubic yards of landfill space each year in North America.