Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA was awarded the Target Early Childhood Reading Grant and funds were utilized to sponsor our 1st annual Parent-Child Book Club, a 10-week program occurring during after-school hours where parents and children engage in reading and interactive reading activities. All participating students receive non-fiction books to read during book-club sessions and take home at the end of the program to enrich home libraries and continue to foster the love of reading. A large number of books are also donated to enrich the classroom libraries in school. A field trip is offered to all participating students and their parents, one field trip included a trip to the Southfield Public Library where students and parents learned how to obtain a library card, how to locate books, videos, CDs and other literary content at the library, and received information relevant to the myriad of library programs. Another field trip was to the Battle of the Books Competition for parents and students to watch the competition and see students competing to answer questions about book content. A culminating event is also offered to both parents and students, where we celebrate and reward accomplishments (e.g. number of pages and minutes read, online quiz scores, and parental involvement).

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA was awarded the Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Art Grant in which funds were utilized to offer the Inside-Out Project to the entire student population at Vandenberg. Students (K-5) participated in project-related art activities in-school and developed a self-portrait to display on billboards around the school grounds. A culminating event was provided where parents were invited into the school to view student portraits and offered the opportunity to write a special message to their child to showcase on the self-portraits as they hung up on school grounds. At the event parents and students also watched a video and learned about the history of the Inside-Out Project and received recognition for participation.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA sponsors the annual Ice Cream Social during Curriculum Night, where parents are welcomed into the school, served a treat (Ice Cream with Sprinkles), and for families to socials with teachers and school staff and get to know one another as a school community. Parents are provided with a Parent Guide to Student Success, which outlines what students should learn for each grade, how parents can help students at home, and talking tips to use while talking and working with Teachers to achieve student success.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA funds goes towards sponsorship of grade-level specific field trips. Funds are donated to send each grade level (K-5) on trips to Cranbrook Science Center, Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan Science Center, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, and many more places. The donations were also provided specifically for Advanced Placement Prep (AP) students at Vandenberg to go on a field trip as an extended learning opportunity.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA funds are donated for the annual 5th grade move-up ceremony, where students are celebrated for completing 5th grade and ready to move into 6th grade. The ceremony includes guest speakers, programs, and musical performances. A meal (breakfast, brunch, or lunch) is provided to both students and parents and the meal time is a great way for families and school staff to communicate about accomplishments achieved during the school semester and plans for continued learning as the students matriculate into middle school.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA donates funds for the annual Multicultural Night, a special event where we celebrate our many cultures, types of food, dance, and arts, all of the things that make Vandenberg such a unique school environment. The purpose of Multicultural Night is to educate our students, families, and school staff about the various cultures represented within our school community and to come together as one big family.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA  sponsors many events to foster an environment for parents and students to have quality family time. We sponsor Family Dinner Nights at local restaurants near the school as an opportunity for families to share a meal and talk about the school day. We also sponsor Family Skating and Movie Nights at the near-by skating rinks and movie theaters, as additional opportunities for families to get out and enjoy family activities together. It's also a way for students and parents to meet up with other parents and students outside of school to continue to build healthy relationships.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA donates funds to purchase classroom equipment and learning materials. PTA funds have been utilized to purchase classroom materials such as a large floor rug for the Kindergarten class. PTA has also donated an equal amount of funds to each classroom teacher to purchase school supplies, equipment, and learning materials of need.

Vandenberg World Cultures Academy PTA funds the annual Oktoberfest, our fall fun festival open to Vandenberg families and the Southfield community. The festival offers bouncers and games for children to have healthy playtime in a safe setting. We have parent volunteers to assist with food concession and selling of fundraiser items (cotton candy, caramel apples, popcorn, etc.). We also have high school students from University High School Academy (UHSA) to volunteer to do face painting for all of the students, truly a community service. Together the PTA and school staff work collaboratively to offer a festival filled with fun as yet another event where we Welcome Families into the School!