Meal Charge Standard Practice/Procedure

The Southfield Public Schools Chartwells Food Service staff serves nutritious meals every school day.


  • Breakfast: $1.25 (All Levels)
  • Elementary Lunch: $2.30
  • Middle School Lunch: $2.65
  • High School Lunch:  $2.75

Parent Connect Access - Access allows you to view your child's lunch account, balances and purchases.  If you do not have access, please contact your child's school to sign up.              

Procedure for Students with Negative Account Balances

Southfield Public Schools participates in the USDA National School Meals Program and serves breakfast and lunch at all schools.  Breakfast costs $1.25: lunch costs $2.30 for elementary, $2.65 for middle and $2.75 for high school.  

Applications for free and reduced price meals are included in the welcome packet at all schools at the beginning of the school year. Applications are available throughout the school year in all school offices and on the district website  There is also an on-line application on the district website. Families may apply for free and reduced price meals at any time during the school year. 

Families who do not qualify for free or reduced priced meals are expected to provide a lunch from home or provide their child with cash or money deposited in their child’s meal account to purchase school meals.  Meal account balances may be viewed by parents on the Southfield Public School website through MiStar Parent Connect. Students who are unable to pay for their meal at the time of the meal service will be allowed to charge a meal.  Students will not be allowed to charge ala carte items such as cookies etc.

When a student’s account has reached a negative balance of over $20, the parent or guardian of the student will be contacted by mail or the district School Messenger System.  The building principal may also contact the parent to discuss the negative lunch account.     

Student account balance reports by building will be monitored by the Purchasing Director. At the end of the fiscal year the food service fund will be reimbursed by the general fund, gift funds or activity funds for negative balances of all inactive students.  Active student balances will be carried over to the next fiscal year.   


1.  When an elementary student acquires $20 or more in debt the parent or guardian of the student will receive a phone call from the School Messenger system and a letter from the food service department informing the parent or guardian of the debt.

2. The principal will be notified of all students with high negative balance to determine if there is extenuating circumstances.


Payment plans for negative balances are available.  For assistance contact Martha Ritchie, Purchasing Director, 248-746-8519.