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Concern for the safety of our students is the guiding factor in all decisions regarding school closures. Southfield Public Schools makes decisions to close or stay open in consultation with district administrators, professional weather consultants, transportation services and Oakland County administrators.

State of Michigan “Snow Day” Provision

Public Schools are allowed 30 instructional hours lost due to conditions outside the control of school authorities, such as severe storms, fire, epidemics, or other health conditions to be counted toward the 1,098-hours of pupil instruction.

Unsafe Weather Guidelines Related to Temperature

  • On days when the temperature and/or wind chill are below 20ºF: Students will not have recess outside.
  • On days when the temperature and/or wind chill are below -20ºF (20 below zero) schools will be closed, based on forecasts by the National Weather Service

Closing Protocol for Early Morning Notification Related to General Weather Conditions

1. When the weather prediction calls for potentially hazardous conditions due to inclement weather, the Superintendent,  SPS Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services, and the Maintenance and Transportation, will begin monitoring conditions starting late in the evening/early morning hours.

a. District transportation supervisors drive a variety of roads across the district early morning

b. The district monitors conditions at each school building

c. National Weather Service consultant and district transportation services are consulted regarding road conditions

2. County superintendents conduct a conference call to discuss the possible need for closing schools based on the conditions of roads, schools driveways, sidewalks and the weather forecast.

3. The decision to close is confirmed generally no later than 6 a.m. the day of, and communicated to staff and parents by 6:30 a.m.  

School Closing Information 

School closings (due to weather conditions) will be posted on the district’s web site and Facebook page. Staff and families will be notified via a phone call by 6:30 a.m. if school is closed for the day. You can also find this information aired on the following local television and talk radio stations: WJBK-TV2, WDIV-TV4, WXYZ-TV7, WKBD-TV/CW50, WWJ-TV 62, WWJ 950 AM, WJR 760 AM.


PLEASE NOTE: Parents are requested to tune to any of these stations for the announcement rather than calling local schools, the district switchboard or the police department. Never dial 9-1-1 for school closing information.

Southfield Public Schools Dress Code Guidelines

Southfield Public Schools is dedicated to preparing each student for college and career readiness. Student dress should promote a positive learning environment, encourage community and family ties, and support healthy and safe behavior.

A Southfield Public School District student will not dress in a manner that negatively impacts the learning process or educational setting. Students may not dress in a manner that is obscene, offensive, provocative, distractive, or indecent as these detract from the learning environment. This includes, but is not limited to, students wearing clothing that positively supports and depicts messages of violence, drugs, sexual themes, hate, vulgarity, and criminal behaviors. Students are expected to adhere to the following appearance guidelines while on school property and during school-related events:

  • Clothing must be worn in a tasteful manner. Shirts, blouses, and tops should fully cover backs, torsos, and cleavage on all students (males, females and gender non-conformists), without any indecent exposure, including undergarments and associated undergarment straps or bands. No low cut tops allowed or bare midriffs (all students). Accordingly, pants that “sag” to expose underwear, torn or ripped pants, or shirts that rise up to expose skin are prohibited.
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts should be worn appropriately. Pants, trousers, and bottoms should fully cover undergarments, without any indecent exposure including underwear linings and underwear bands. Skirts should fully cover the entire thigh. If leggings/yoga pants are worn, shirts or skirts should cover the buttocks.
  • If students decide to wear clothing or accessories with messaging, the messages must be positive, and not include hateful, offensive, violent or explicit language, images, or words. Students should not wear items of clothing which have obscene, vulgar or sexual statements or pictures/images which promote alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.
  • Students are not to wear pajamas or loungewear, sheer garments and or tight form-fitting clothing. Clothing with excessive tears or otherwise in disrepair should not be worn.
  • School appropriate footwear must be worn on school premises at all times (no flip flops, house shoes or athletic slides).
  • Hooded sweatshirts are allowed, but hoods may not be worn indoors. Hats and coats are to be stored in the student’s locker during the school day. No bandanas, do-rags or gang-affiliated attire are permitted.

Southfield Public Schools recognizes that each student’s choice of dress and grooming is an expression of personal style and individual preference. Southfield Public Schools will not interfere with a student’s decision regarding their appearance, except when the choices interfere with the learning environment or school safety.

Students with three or more dress code violations will be subject to short-term suspension.

Southfield Public Schools FasTrack College Prep programs help prepare students for college and reduce tuition costs by allowing them to earn college credits while still in high school. All three programs are available at Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology. University High School Academy offers both the Advanced Placement and the Dual Enrollment programs.

Dual Enrollment: Students may enroll in courses and earn college credits at University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University and Oakland Community College (all) campuses. All tuition, books and fees are paid for by Southfield Public Schools.

Advanced Placement (AP): Southfield Public Schools offers a variety of college-level courses that expose students to the rigors of college work, while getting the classroom
support they need. Students who score well on AP Exams can earn credit and/or placement into advanced courses in college.

IB Diploma Programme: This college-level, internationally administered program encourages students to become global citizens through critical thinking, independent research and community service. Students who successfully complete the IB Programme can earn credit and/or placement into college courses.

For more information on these programs or to apply, please contact Alise Collier-Vaughn at (248) 746-4338 or

Southfield Public Schools will use a variety of assessments this year, such as i-Ready (K-8), PSAT & SAT (8-12), Running Records for reading, Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP), locally designed assessments, and M-STEP to guide core-instruction. SPS teachers use the data from these assessments to develop productive instructional plans, design small learning groups, and identify areas of student strength and opportunity for support.  We have also added some helpful parent tips, videos and family guidance documents below to assist parents in preparing their children for assessments at home.  Thank you for your support of our learners as well as our educators.  

Virtual Platforms purpose and login directions:  Clever, Schoology, Seesaw, i-Ready

Assessment Calendar

i-Ready Family Guidance Document

i-ready Personalized Instruction Family Guidance link

FAQ about i-Ready domain

i-Ready Understanding Student data for families

i-Ready Fridge Tips

i-Ready at home data tracker

M-Step Guide to Parent Reporting link

M-Step and Mi-Access tips and ideas document

PSAT and SAT  Tips and ideas document

What Parents should know about assessments document 

What Parents Can Do to help students prepare document

Education Assessment Document

ConnectEd - Math and Reading textbooks & Games
Study Island - Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies Practice
Exact Path - Math, Reading, and Language Arts Practice
Reading Eggs - Reading practice
Library Catalog
Michigan eLibrary - Learning Games for every age level
Khan Academy - Math help
StarFall - Early Readers
Xtra Math - Math Practice
MISTAR StudentPortal
Pearson Realize - Social Studies Textbook
PearsonSuccessNet - Science Textbooks

Middle School
ConnectEd - Math and Reading textbooks & Games
Study Island - Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies Practice
Exact Path - Math, Reading, and Language Arts Practice
Library Catalog
Michigan eLibrary - Learning Games for every age level
Springboard - Math textbook
Khan Academy - Math help
MISTAR StudentPortal
HRW - ELA & Science Textbooks

High School
Study Island - Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies Practice
Exact Path - Math, Reading, and Language Arts Practice
Library Catalog
Michigan eLibrary - Learning Games for every age level
Plato Courseware - extra online classes supported by Southfield Public Schools
Springboard - Math textbook
College Board - SAT Prep
Khan Academy - Math help
MISTAR StudentPortal
HRW - ELA, Science, and Social Studies Textbooks
ConnectEd - Social Studies Textbooks
OWL Cengage - Chemistry Textbook

How to login in:

ConnectEd, HRW, Pearson Logins
Clever Login:  Exact Path, Study Island, Reading Eggs

Policy Statement

Access to the internet will be provided for the purpose of conducting research and finding information that is related to classroom instruction. Any individual who engages in any of the following activities may have their internet access or computer access revoked and be subject to disciplinary action.

Students and staff are restricted through a content filter from the following activities while using a computer or the internet: Adult / Sexually Explicit Material, Phishing and Fraud Material, Containing Profanity, Illegal Activities, Racially Offensive Material, Commercial Use, and Gambling.

Be advised that monitoring of internet activity will be conducted. Staff has the means to review a complete history of the usage of each computer. If you have any questions about any of the information stated above, or the content of a particular internet site, ask your teacher or administrator before you attempt to access it.

Participation in Schools of Choice programs is elective and voluntary. Some school districts have elected not to participate in the Oakland County Schools of Choice program and students without an applicable exception must receive a tuition waiver from their district of residence in order to be allowed to enroll in these districts. The law does not require resident districts to approve tuition waiver requests and it has been the position of the Southfield Board of Education not to grant tuition releases.

However, the Southfield Board of Education does not wish to interrupt the completion of high school programs of those students who are currently enrolled in a high school in another district. Therefore, on August 26, 2017 the Board decided that approval of tuition waivers for students entering the 12th grade will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  This decision does not apply to requests made on behalf of students entering grades Pre-K through 11.

The Southfield Public Schools’ instructional programs are rigorous and competitive not only with local contiguous districts, but also with districts nationwide.  Residents are encouraged to consider the exceptional benefits offered by Southfield Public Schools.