Graduate Profile

A graduate of Southfield Public Schools will be a...

Self-directed learner who

  • Accesses information
  • ​Comprehends information
  • Analyzes information
  • Synthesizes information
  • Evaluates information
  • Applies information
  • Sets goals
  • Competes effectively in a global society
  • Pursues learning for continuous lifelong growth;

Decision maker who

  • Accesses relevant information
  • Identifies and evaluates alternatives
  • Analyzes consequences
  • Decides to make a choice and is able to justify it
  • Accepts responsibility for a decision;Effective communicator who
  • Constructs meaning from many resources and for varied purposes and audiences
  • Uses verbal, written, artistic and technological media to inform, persuade and effect change
  • Logically organizes information and ideas;

Collaborative worker who

  • Shares knowledge and ideas
  • Contributes to and supports group efforts
  • Communicates effectively with diverse groups
  • Assumes appropriate roles
  • Performs duties responsibly
  • Creates a quality product or service;

Problem solver who

  • Identifies and explains a problem
  • Identifies, accesses and integrates available resources to 1 solve a problem
  • Strategizes alternatives and evaluates their consequences
  • Implements solutions
  • Monitors and adjusts;
  • Technologically literate person who
  • Ethically accesses and applies technology
  • Uses various modes of technology
  • Integrates technology into daily living
  • Applies knowledge to solve technological problems;
  • Culturally literate person who
  • Values the richness of life within various cultures
  • Appreciates how the arts and humanities enrich life
  • Uses the arts as a form of self-expression; and

Caring, contributing member of society who

  • Recognizes the responsibility of the individual to local and world communities
  • Understands the similarities and differences in beliefs and values among various social and ethnic groups and engages in activities that support and celebrate diversity
  • Works with others to resolve community issues
  • Improves the quality of life for self and others
  • Acts in a socially responsible manner
  • Participates in the democratic process