Community Eligibility Provision Questions and Answers

What is the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)?

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) is a program through the USDA that allows schools in low income areas to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students.    

How does a district qualify for the Community Eligibility Program?

Eligibility is determined by the Identified Student Percentage (ISP) per school building.  ISP is calculated by the number of students who qualify for free meals without an application (Foster, homeless, Medicaid, SNAP etc.) divided by the total school enrollment.  A school must have a minimum ISP of 40% to qualify. Districts may participate in CEP in a variety of ways: by individual school building, groups of schools or the entire district.

Which Schools in the Southfield Public Schools will be participating in CEP?

This  school year only Adler, Stevenson, Vandenberg, Levey, Thompson, Kennedy Learning Center, Southfield Regional Academic Campus and ASPIRE Academy have been approved to  participate in the Community Eligibility Provision. All students in these schools (even those who did not qualify in the past) will be eligible for free breakfast and lunch without submitting a free and reduced lunch application. Families at these buildings will be asked to complete a Title I Household Information Report.

Students attending McIntyre, MacArthur, University High School Academy, U Prep Academy, Birney K-8, and Southfield High School for the Arts & Technology are not CEP schools, however students may qualify for free or reduced price meals with the approval of a free and reduced lunch application or a direct certification letter.





CEP School

Free & Reduced Price Meal
Application Required to receive
free or reduced price meals?

Adler Yes No
Birney No Yes
Kennedy Learning Center Yes No
Levey Yes No
MacArthur No Yes
McIntyre No Yes
Southfield A & T No Yes
Southfield Regional and Aspire Yes No
Stevenson Yes No
Thompson YES No
University High and Prep Schools No Yes
Vandenberg Yes No


Why didn't we qualify for CEP in previous years?

Our ISP was too low.  The district overall ISP in 2016-17 was 32.9%.  In October 2017, 752 Medicaid students were added to the direct certification files.  This increased the ISP at all schools.

What if I have one child that attends a CEP school and another child that attends a school that is not a CEP school?   

In order to qualify for free or reduced price meals an application must be submitted for the student in the non CEP school.

What is a Title I Household Information Report?

Title I is a federal program that provides financial assistance to schools to improve academic achievement.  Title I funds are allocated to schools based on household income. For CEP schools the Household Information Survey is needed to meet Michigan Title I allocation rules.

Why are only 7 schools CEP this year?

These schools had the highest ISP percentage. It was not cost effective to expand CEP to the other schools.

Will the program be expanded in the future?

We will be evaluating the program each year to determine if it can be expanded.   

What are the meal prices for students in a non CEP school?

Students who do not attend a CEP school or qualify for free or reduced price meals must pay the full price for meals.

Meal Prices:  Reduced Price Full Price
Breakfast (All Levels) $.30 $1.25
Lunch Elementary  $.40 $2.30
Lunch Middle $.40 $2.65
Lunch High School  $.40 $2.75


Questions?  Contact  248-746-8519.