Post High school 2

Post-High School Class 2

My name is Lela Davis and I have been teaching since 1989 with a couple of years spent on other endeavors. One of my endeavors included working as a Sales Representative selling textbooks to school districts in Northern Ohio for Harcourt School Publishing Company. I have spent the majority of my career teaching regular and special education students. I have taught for a total of 25 years in The Detroit Public School System, Cleveland Municipal School District, and Southfield Public Schools respectfully.  I received a Bachelor Degree in Merchandising from Kentucky State University, A Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Cleveland State University, and received National Board of Professional Teaching Certification in the area of Exceptional Needs Specialist Birth-21 Early Childhood thru Young Adulthood. I have spent the majority of my career teaching Special needs students in the area of Cognitive Impairments, Severe Multiple Impairments, Severe Cognitive Impairments and Preschool Physical or Otherwise Health Impaired students. I currently teach Severely Cognitive Impaired students ages 19-26.

My classroom consists of students that are Cognitively Impaired ages 19-26. My program is based on vocational skills and life skills. The students are given opportunities to learn how to manage personal care, mobility, nutritional needs and preparation, community safety and mobility, jobs skills, and social skills. Opportunities for hands on experiences are strongly encouraged and emphasized. Students receive community based instruction to enhance independence while engaging in community experiences and activities. The students participate in leisure skills that are initiated by choices and interests that the students choose to participate in. The students participate in Gym activities, cooking, Art, and Music. I am very passionate about my students and strongly promote independence and nurture them to the best of my ability.