UHSA STEM Maria_SunflowersSTEM is the study of interconnections of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The courses are intensive exposures to the field of Engineering and the relationships to other subjects.

STEM makes the students think. The hands-on and project-based courses utilize all fields of study so the students can apply their understandings to solve real-life problems. The classes are designed to create the critical thinking, problem solvers of tomorrow. We answer the question, “Why do I have to know this?”

STEM demands a differentiated setting. Differentiated Instruction allows us to reach each student by learning the students’ readiness, learning styles and interests. This allows the teacher to teach the needs of each student as well as measure the growth of the student over the course.

UHSA students take Advanced Technology as freshmen or sophomores. Currently, juniors and seniors can take Robotics. Engineering and Gaming are courses in development for the future.

Fatima Dixon

David Miller
Science/STEM Teacher
Science Department Chair
Engineering Club Sponsor
Robotics Club Sponsor
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