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Scholars Plus is the gifted and talented program for highly motivated secondary school students who wish to attain high academic goals.

Through participating in the program, a candidate has the opportunity to earn a prestigious DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR diploma. A Scholars Plus graduate is recognized as an academically and socially well-rounded young person whose prognosis of success in higher education has been significantly enhanced through participation in this program.

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Southfield Public Schools is committed to serving its academically gifted, talented, and motivated secondary school students with unique offerings and opportunities through, a comprehensive and rigorous honors program. This program is structured to identify, guide, encourage, and assist highly motivated students who have high academic capabilities.

Students are required to participate in advanced level academic work for which they may earn college credit. Advanced level work in the arts, business, technology, engineering, and the medical sciences complement the Scholars Plus curriculum.

Scholars Plus students are expected to comport themselves in all situations with responsibility, courtesy, and honor in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the program.

Program Requirements

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All SCHOLARS PLUS applicants will be expected to commit to the requirements of the total program:

A. Definition of Terms
MAJOR: The selection of a major will require, at a minimum, four years of study. Courses will be selected from a department-approved and specified curriculum in each area. Two of the selected majors must culminate in sitting for the College Board Advanced Placement Examination.
MINOR: The selection of a minor will require, at a minimum, two years of study. Courses will be selected from a department-approved and specified curriculum in each area. No externally assessed examination will be necessary.

B. Academic Requirements

  1. Completion of all district graduation requirements
  2. Completion of 22 credits
  3. Maintenance of a 3.30 g.p.a. per semester, based on a 4.0 scale
  4. Selection of three (3) majors : Two of the selected majors must culminate in sitting for the College Board Advanced Placement Examination.
  5. Selection of two (2) minors

PLUS Requirements


  1. Junior or Senior Enrichment Experience: A junior or senior enrichment experience with the guidance of a cognitive advisor and approved by the program coordinator is required. Examples of this junior enrichment experience include: experiment, exhibit, concert, visual or literary performance, and dramatic production.
  2. Essay: Students must choose one of the following options during either their junior or senior year:
    A written paper of at least 2,000 words on a topic chosen either from an approved list or by the student with the approval of a cognitive advisor
    An impromptu essay of approximately 700-750 words during a specified time period under the auspices of a proctor on a topic chosen from an approved list presented to the student
  3. Service: A combination of activities, such as those listed below must total 10 hours in 9th grade, 20 hours in 10th grade, 30 hours in 11th grade, and 40 hours in 12th grade.
  • Community Service Activities:
  • Red Cross
  • Church/Synagogue
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Latchkey/DayCare
  • Parent-Youth Guidance
  • Boards and/or Commissions
  • Tutoring
  • Hospital/Nursing Home
  • WDIV TV (new)

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • School Clubs
  • Athletics
  • Theater
  • Art Shows
  • Summer Internships
  • Summer Workshops
  • Similar Approved Examples

No activity for which payment or class credit is gained may be counted toward the requirement. No more than one-half of the hours may be obtained from the extra-curricular activities. Community service hours or extra-curricular activity hours may not be used for the Junior or Senior project.

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Congratulations to our 2010-2011 Junior Inductees:

Kenneth Boffman

Terri Brown

Quentin Carlock

Ayanna Coleman

Barbara-Rose Collins

Kristin Driscoll

Brianna Elledge

Travis Frasier

Taylor Garland Christian Glover

Millicent Gyamfuah

Ariel James

Saul Makanga

Ogo Nwabuokei

Ope Olayeye

Ambra Parish

Ronnae Ravenell

Chelsea Reeves

Michelle Rosen

Jasmine Smith

Darian Twitty

Alexandria Vaughn

Rachel Webb

Paige Williams

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